Common Core Standards Critique

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The article, Practice and Critique, informs educational readers (and students becoming future educators) about the importance of the Common Core Standards. This article especially defines the techniques’ importance throughout specific subjects, such as Language Development. Over the last few years, the common core standards have been adapted to fit the “average” classroom setting, with its goal of preparing each student with the necessary curriculum needed in order for them to succeed in college and/or within the workplace. Though this strategy has often been criticized by many throughout the public, the article hopes to demonstrate that the Common Core Standards are exactly what is needed in order for each child to to be able to obtain and…show more content…
I, as a future educator, was able to relate this article to the students that I intend on teaching in the sixth and seventh grades. I realized through this that every “middle-school aged average” child should adequately be able to understand and incorporate the standards of the language arts within their everyday works (such as their reading and writing). It is important, as a future educator, to help students improve their language arts development, they must be taught in ways that they are able to comprehend the material being presented to them. Each child learns differently and I aspect to teach each child equally in order for the students to fully understand the material. I (as a future educator), plan on using the Common Core Standards in ways that the students will be able to improve both their reading and writing skills that will also allow for them to be prepared during college (once they reach the essays and papers they will face). This preparation allows for each student to be able to defy any odds and demonstrate to the world that they can become anything… because as we said, the key to succeeding in anything in life is be fully educated in language, as it allows for everything else to come to order in

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