Common Core Strength

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Strengthening The Core Malala Yousafzai once said, “Let us pick up our books and pens, as education is our most powerful weapon.” Common Core is a curriculum that was originally adopted by the state of Kentucky in 2010. Five years ago California adopted Common Core into our system. Common Core is a curriculum that breaks the syllabus into smaller pieces, and slows down the education making subjects easier to understand. Common Core helps students in many ways such as, when compared to other curriculums Common Core better prepares students for college and careers to come. Also many teachers believe Common Core is more success providing to students, and Common Core is made to help students comprehend the context and perform better on tests. As you can see Common Core is…show more content…
According to the Kentucky Department of Education test scores in all three Common Core subjects have gone up. In english test scores have gone up 3.7%, in math test scores have gone up 4.8%, and in reading there is an increase of just over 5.2%. This evidence shows that not only are students improving, they are improving in all three Common Core subjects. On the other hand, some may say that Common Core is based on a very average curriculum, but it’s only logical to say that if average curriculum is improving our below average education then what’s the problem? All in all Common Core is a good solution for America’s education system. As you can see, Common Core is a major positive for our education system. Common core helps many students get to college and perform better in college once they get there. Also teachers approve much more of Common Core, and Common Core increases students overall chance of succeeding in their careers. If teachers think Common Core is best than who am I to argue. Common Core will turn education from a blunt knife into the weapon that Malala portrays education to
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