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Thousands of individuals across the U.S. and beyond suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction does not discriminate on age, race, gender, religion or political views. It is killing loved ones every day. The Public Service Announcement (PSA), “Common Enemy,” describes how to prevent such atrocities from happening, before they become a problem, by encouraging parents and guardians to speak to children about drugs, alcohol and addiction. Additionally, “Common Enemy” explains how with time, talent, and money kids can be protected. The PSA goes on to inspire parents and guardians to support prevention efforts in schools and communities. The PSA, “Common Enemy,” produced by NSADA-St. Louis, successfully influences the viewers through ethos, while logos and pathos are vainly portrayed.…show more content…
In the beginning of the PSA, a blank screen with the words “What matters most?”, is depicted to the viewers. According, to the PSA, what matters most, is the prevention of drug and alcohol addiction in children. Throughout, “Common Enemy”, which was professionally produced, there are scenes where there is a child or children with an adult figure. In one scene a teacher is reading to school aged children. While in another there are two parents eating with their children. In both scenes the PSA represents positive interactions with the children all the while reminding the viewer that prevention is the only way to help stop the epidemic of addition. At the end of the PSA, the website,, is flashed across the viewers screen. This website is the main purpose of the PSA. is for parents and guardians to utilize, in hopes of giving them the proper tools and resources needed to talk with children and teens about alcohol, drug use and

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