Common Factors Of Civilizations: The Rise And Fall Of Civilizations

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Civilizations and societies have existed since even before the birth of Christ, when the first civilization, called Mesopotamia, started to arise around the Fertile Crescent, an area located in Southwest Asia. After and during the rise and fall of Mesopotamia, competing civilizations emerged with their own cultures and differences, allowing them to stand out from the others. Although there may be dissimilarities between civilizations, there are 4 common factors that form a basic civilization. They are government, religion, education, and a military power.Without these common factors civilizations would seize to exist.
Civilizations began to form because of the Neolithic Revolution. The Neolithic Revolution were great changes in human life which resulted from the beginnings of farming. The change from food-gathering to food-producing was a great breakthrough in human history. This allowed humans to settle in one place, hence civilizations could finally begin to form as people unified in a single area.(Beck) The first characteristic that forms part of civilizations is a type of government. Through the years of human history many type of governments have been created such as monarchy, feudalism, democracy, aristocracy, among others. Although, societies may have their own way of governing they still have a political system. Political systems allow for decisions to be made and it’s a way to control the masses of people and satisfy their needs. Currently, the most popular

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