Common Good Approach Analysis

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Decisions about right and wrong, good and bad imbue our day to day liveliness; Behaving accordingly as individuals, shaping liable governments and trussed organization, and making our society as a whole more ethical. I understand that decision about “right” and “wrong” and “good” and “bad” can be difficult, and is somethings related to individual ambience. Even though ethics conflate or confused with ways in which people may make choices including law and religion, Ethics provides standards for acceptable and unacceptable behaviors that guides one decision on how we ought to act in a range of situations. I believe I use the “The Common Good Approach” mostly. The Common Good Approach is a type of Consequentialist that suggest that ethical actions are those that benefit all members of the community. An example of this is to all include effective just legal system, and public safety. I believe if something is good for one person its good for another regardless, even though common good consequentialist can be unfair to certain extent I believe its a fair way of determine what’s best for everyone. This approach might not be the best for because of my future interest in medicine, but as it…show more content…
Courage because if one doesn’t have the courage to start the adventure the others wouldn 't exist. According to Samuel Johnson, Courage is the greatest, because if it wasn 't for courage, there wouldn 't be any need for the others. Wisdom because the natural ability to understand things that others having difficulties to comprehend is a gift, we all know common sense isn 't so common in this day and time. Compassion because caring is loving and with love and being humble people will respect your doings. I believe these three virtues are important because the contribute to each other, one set up the opportunity, proves your worthiness and the other expresses your passion for what you
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