Common Ground In Uncommon Places

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Finding common ground in uncommon places can create some intricate, exciting situations. As people we will all be thrown into situations where we are surrounded by strangers, not knowing a single thing about anyone we're coming into contact with. Yet, upon inquiry we may find that we share more traits in common with our peers than we initially thought. One may be surprised by how much they can have in common with complete strangers. When the three of us, Susie, Nick, and Taran, met, we had no idea that we actually shared as much in common as we do. Even though we are different people, coming from different towns and different backgrounds, we still are brought together by as many things as we have in common as we do that differ.
As a group we all enjoy spending time outside, in the nature and sunshine.
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Susie was born and raised in the Denver Metro area, population 2,697,476. She has never lived in a small town before but she always loved visiting them. The people are nicer, and there is a more personal feel than her hometown. Moving to Grand Junction was a change in the right direction. Although Grand Junction isn't a small town, it is smaller than what she was used to. Living in a big city is fast paced and stressful, a small town seems like a good change of pace. Taran on the other hand, grew up in small towns. Up until coming to Grand Junction, he had never lived in a town with a population exceeding 5000 people. There's a certain quaint, quiet life that comes along with growing up in small towns. It's easy to know everyone and it can be easy to get along with everyone. Small town life is more peaceful and easygoing than big city life. Nick was also raised in small towns. The population of the town he lived in was 6000. Coming to Grand Junction was a big change compared to the small towns he lived in. Nick likes how peaceful it is, how everybody is nice, and that there is no bad

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