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Top 12 Common Interview Questions So, you managed to schedule an interview! Congratulations! This in itself is a major achievement. However, the hard work has just begun because you need to ensure that your prospective employee sees you in the best possible light by effectively answering common interview questions. Mentioned below are 12 of the most common interview questions and details on how they need to be answered. (1) Tell me something about yourself This is the most common interview question asked by the interviewer. It serves as an icebreaker by getting you talk about a thing that you are comfortable with. Prepare an answer in advance, but make sure you do not sound rehearsed. Never blurt out your life story while answering this question.…show more content…
Doing adequate background work will help you stand out from the rest. Find out who the corporate honchos are. Are they in the news? As a potential employee, you should have a thorough understanding of the organisation as a whole. (4) Why do you desire this job? This common interview question generally follows the previous one. This is the point where your research will be handy. You may wish to say that you would love working for an organisation that is a vital service provider, an innovator, undisputed market leader, and so on. Give some thought to this question beforehand; be direct and specific; and link the mission and values of the organisation with your own goals and career objectives. (5) How comfortable are you working in a team? Almost all candidates will give the same answer to this common interview question: excellent team player. Having said that, there is no alternative answer unless you are the sole employee responsible for HR or Admin in a small organisation. You may want to highlight what kind of role you take up in a team, especially if you wish to emphasise leadership skills. Be ready to be specific with concrete…show more content…
Remain positive by demonstrating how you handled the situation without any hassles or encumbrances. When it comes to accomplishments, specify an example that was crucial to both you and the organisation. Delve into what actions you undertook, how you executed the task, and what the end results were. In an ideal scenario, mention an example that has a connection with the applied job position. (10) Why should we hire you? This common interview question is extremely important, and you need to answer it in a careful manner. It is your chance to shine by drawing attention to your skill set, especially those that have not been addressed already. Saying that you are an ideal candidate for the job or you need the job will not make the cut. Ensure that the focus stays on you by explaining how you would make an ideal employee, why you fit the job and organisation perfectly, and what value additions you can bring in. Keep it brief by emphasising your achievements. (11) What are your salary

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