How Did The People Treat The Commoners Before The French Revolution

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Before the French Revolution, people were not being treated fairly. Common rights that we have today such as the rights to fair wages, free education or equality were not there. They were basic human right and the people of France did not have them.

France was an absolute monarchy meaning the King ruled over all of his people and made most of the decisions. The people of France were separated into three estates, first the Clergy (The church), then the Nobles and finally the commoners. The Nobles where the rich and powerful people and, of course, the royalty. The commoners were the poor people that made up 97% of the population. They were the ones who did all of the work but had no power and could do nothing about the way there were being treated.

The commoners knew that
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King Louis The 16th had ignored his people and refused to give them power when they wanted it. The let them fall into famine and kept on raising the taxes when people were dying on the streets. So as we know, the people fought back. Like I said the people became violent and wanted the King and queen dead. “The king must die so that the country can live.”-Maximilien Robespierre

There were the September massacres where approximately 1200 prisoners were killed.
There was also the execution of King Louis the 16th and soon after the execution Marie Antoinette. King Louis, the 16th tried to make a speech before he was beheaded by the guillotine but the noise of the crowd drowned him out.

The French revolution shows us that government should respect and listen to what their people want. They should treat them fairly and follow the basic human rights or else it would lead to rage which leads to violence. Every human deserves basic human rights and every human deserves to be treated fairly.

“All mankind... being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions.” - J.
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