Surviving Someone's Childhood

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Anyone’s child hood is a whirl wind of disaster but after rain there comes a rainbow. There is eventually success in your life. The childhood you face is the stepping stone to life. As Flannery O’Connor said “Anybody who has survived his or her childhood has enough information to last him the rest of his or her days.” This simple quote is true in many ways. First of many things is school. What you learn there is indeed a path for life teaching you basic working skills and facts to get a degree. Secondly you learn commonsense. From playing games, sports or anything you learn this like honesty and friendship. You also learn patience which helps you become a better person. Third it is also a set of training wheels. The mistakes you make are not…show more content…
This little thing is something that can be taught with a lot of hard work but what truly builds it is life. Common sense is one of many life skills you must learn. There is no category to put it under but you need to react and act. How will this help you? Common sense is something that is helpful in situations where you don’t have an assigned job like do this or that but if you see someone hurt of someone fell you go over there in help. It can be a small thing like turning of lights to save electricity but it will slowly when you grow up and have to deal with adults you have to understand it. Something else to learn is honesty and friendship. These skills will always be there doing something or the other. Honesty means to not tell lies but it means more. It means being honest to yourself more than other. You will eventually grow up and be tempted and you may not be caught but you have to look into yourself and answer whether you had a good motive to what you were doing. Then there is friendship. When describing a friend, you have to use this quote and see whether it is true in their case. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” A friend is someone you can call a rock someone that will never leave you or betray you. When in life we get higher jobs like maybe a manager of something we need to have friends and create friendships among the people you will work with. A small snippet of my life comes during a game of Monopoly. Me and a few people were playing Monopoly and I took some money from one of them and I felt fine. And so I got candy because I won. But I later felt bad about how I treated him told him I am sorry and shared my candy with him. We became better friends in this little incident I learned the felling of guilt and the truth about friendship. I will always cherish this memory because of this I learned to make friends and became a better
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