Common Sense Thomas Paine

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Common Sense Term Paper In Common Sense by Thomas Paine, he is very successful in the coming of Americas Independence by giving the colonist a detailed pamphlet of the benefits and outcomes of their separation from Britain. Pain clearly establishes a way to get the American colonists to identify as one and ultimately allows them to see the issues within the constitution of Great Britain as well. Paine is successful in changing the people’s understanding of their national identity because he reasons with them and writes in a way in which any man at that time could understand what he is trying to get across. His writing style really does allow people to identify more. Also, he mentions how Britain does not care for Americans but only does…show more content…
Each of his arguments are as the title suggests, “common sense.” He begins with the distinctions of society from government. Paine states that society is something good in which people have common interest and get together to accomplish something, but distinguishes government as , “… in its best state of necessary evil…”(3). Government is only present to ensure that no wrong doing is being done and the laws are obeyed. If the people gain independence they can start to form their own government but one that is useful with all their opinions. A government which them, themselves, create. For instance, he gives the example of people on an island who have come together and shared a common interest, eventually causing them to create their own effective form of government, by their own rules. These laws which they understand, and are their own creators. But, Paine does bring in that if the people wait, and the population grows, then it would be harder to separate from Britain and create a successful government of their own. Keeping along, Paine brings up the issue of monarchy. The English have a king that is hereditary (born into it) but may not be wise enough to be one and might cause many conflicts such as wars to the country. It is taking away the chance of someone who is very wise and cares for the people to take care of everyone. He further argues, if God chose the king to rule then why do the people have to be constantly checking up on the king if he should be trusted since God appointed him after all? Since the people of this time were fairly religious this is one of the central arguments. Another argument presented for a separate American identity is wars within Europe, if Americans stayed attached to Europe then they would also suffer from the wars happening but if seek independence France would surely help out. The king will only cause wars, and more destruction to
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