Common Themes In Women's Literature

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Since the rise of feminism, that began in the 19th century and reached the highest points in the last decades of the 20th, there appeared more and more literature, in every genre, written by women. Studies of women’s writings have revealed that there are certain common themes that tend to take the place at the top in the women’s literature. Since the first moment of the feminist movement, the number of literary works has been increased as the result of women’s liberation and their revolt, having as exposed themes the ideal of female equality. One of the most encountered themes of feminist writing is its insistence on expressing and valuing women’s point of view about their own lives. While before, it was men who wrote, from their own point of view, about women, at this point of the history the interest of feminist writing is to have women in the position of authority about their own lives and experiences, to hear and believe women’s voices. The change of the perception of women and their role in the society and in a family had its correspondent in the literature of the time, as example could serve the image of the fallen woman, the servant girl who was seduced, the victimized woman, being denied of the support and protection of her husband. However, in the represented characters dominated the stereotyped images of the woman from that time: on one hand, the good woman, the real mother, who was selfless, tender and loyal, loving and taking care of her family; on the other,

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