Common Themes Of Perseverance In Hard Times 'By Ralph Charell'

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Journal Expansion Assignment #2
Imagine you are a refugee, you come from a country where you lived in fear because of war. Your living on the streets with many other citizens because the bombs caused your house to go in flames. Half of your family is gone because they died in war. In both these quotes, "It is through cooperation rather than conflict that your greatest successes will be derived." - Ralph Charell and “History [and life are] complicated—neither life nor history [are activities] for those who seek simplicity and consistency.” - Jared Diamond. They deliver the common theme of perseverance through hard times. This theme is found everywhere, whether it’s is the real world or a quote. You have to persevere throughout the hard times
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This quote means that by cooperating with people you will get more things done. Instead, of rather arguing with people trying to get them to agree with you opinion. This quote demonstrates the common theme of perseverance. In life there will be those people that disagree or fight with you. You have to persevere with ignorant people in order to agree upon a solution. By fighting it just gets more people angry and riled up and more people will fight. But, if you cooperate with other people then you can accomplish so much more because arguing provoked the person to get madder with you then they already are. Sometimes countries fight with other countries over things like resources, but with perseverance and kindness you can come upon an agreement instead of fighting. I agree with this quote there will always be a person who has a different opinion. There is always that person who will debate against you. But, if persevere by doing it with cooperation and kindness most people will listen to you because you are explaining why you should not fight about this. In conclusion you should always persevere through hard times. People will always disagree with you, but you have to come upon a solution by acts of…show more content…
For an example people have to perservere through hard times, like the Syrain Civil War. The Civil War started in 2011 when protestors were protesting against the current president, Bashar Al Assad. Bashar Al Assad was the dictator of Syria. People opposed him because he was inprisoning children who were against his rule. Many solders from the Syrian army joined the protest and brought in machine guns. Then, rebal groups came a long and wanted to take over, other groups like ISIS and Kurds did too. Saudi Arabia and Turkey and other gulf states supported ISIS and started giving them weapons. Then, Russia was on the presidents side and so was Iran. Civil War started to breakout. Many people were on the street, living in etreme poverty because there hosue was bombed. This citizens have to live in fear about getting killed. Sometimes even they lose family members to the war. People are also breathing in toxins from, the guns, and bombs that cause so much damage. Which can lead to deathThese people have to perservere through the civil war. They must keep fighting through the tough time, they must move on. Another real world exmample is the Holoaucaust. During the Holocaust, Germans murdered 6 million Jew just because of their religion. They had to work in their houses and do jobs, the were often abused by the Germans. As a result, many Jews has to perservere through the hard event. They had to

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