Workplace Stress In The Workplace Essay

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2.2 Common Workplace issue

The common workplace issue faced by employees that we have chosen and will be discussing for our project is about stress. Under this segment, the reasons as to why we chose to do this topic, symptoms of stress, causes of stress in workplace and the impact of workplace stress shall be covered.

2.2.1 Stress in workplace 1.Defining Workplace stress.
There are various definitions for stress, however for this report we would like to define workplace stress as the harmful physical and emotional response by an individual caused by an imbalance between the perceived demands,perceived resources and also the abilities of individuals to cope with those demands at work.

According to a 2016 report by International Labour Organization, work-related stress is based on an organization’s labour relationship and work design .The presence of work-related stress occurs when the demands of the job transcends the capabilities and needs of the worker, or when the knowledge and abilities of an individual worker is not matched with the expectations of the organizational culture and they do not possess the resources to cope.

As stated by a Dr
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Apart from that, it can lead to metabolic,immune and cardiovascular problems which could cause damage to the brain.Henceforth before it leads to such dire outcomes, we believe that it is only right to target the root of the problem which could lead to that.( To be continued)

3.What is the impact of workplace stress and how does it affect the businesses?

According to a survey finding by, it is mentioned that for every person that is stressed free, 2.5 persons feels stressed, and 6.5 persons are neutral and have work life balance.Apart from that an article from The Straits Times Singapore does also mention that more than 55% of Singaporeans and 53%
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