Commonplace Stereotypes

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William Butler Yeats once said, “ Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” In it’s truest form, this is what education is; training young minds so that they can develop thoughts of their own. In order for progress in our world we must have this type of education, to allow new ideas to grow out out of the learned old ones. The problem with this is, their is very little true education happening in our world today. Our school systems are fatally flawed. Instead of facilitating the growth of students brain processes and encouraging their new ideas, schools are training them to take test and answer questions like robots. Our country can not expect children to want to learn if they aren’t taught properly. It’s been a commonplace stereotype in our society that school is unenjoyable; that you have to go but you’re not supposed to like it. And if you do like school…show more content…
Instead of forcing every kid to take every academic subject for their entire school career, there should be more specialization earlier on. In addition to this there has to be a broader range of classes available to students at the high school level. Especially in field like engineering, philosophy, and psychology there is limited classes available to high school students, and many don’t get the option to study these subjects till college. The way students learn should also be taken into consideration because not every student responds the same way to different styles of teaching. Children are not one size fits all so why do we expect their education to be?
If it’s true that children are the future then there has to be a larger effort to educate them properly. Education is meant to be the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next to allow them to be the future. If we don’t stop filling the pail, the fire that is meant to ignite curiosity and innovation with be
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