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the Commonwealth government. By November 15, 1935, the Commonwealth was inaugurated. The Commonwealth era is considered as the “transitional period” in Philippine history lasting ten years from 1935 to 1945. Headed by president Manuel Quezon and vice president Sergio Osmena, lead the Philippines in preparation for its imminent independence. In January 2, 1942, this transitional period was interrupted by Japanese forces. The exiled president Quezon died of tuberculosis and Sergio Osmena took his place. During Second Philippine republic the Japanese establish a puppet government in Manila, with Jose Laurel becoming the “puppet president.” It was not until October 20, 1944 in Leyte that General Douglas MacArthur leading Allied Forces, defeated…show more content…
The American occupation then, lasted from 1898 to 1946. During the forty eight years of occupation, the Americans has shared with the Filipino’s their culture and leaving behind their legacy. The Filipino culture shifted in many ways during the American Occupation such as the following: Weapons: New weapons were manufactured such as the Colt .45 caliber automatic revolver. This was then used in the war against Muslims. Education: American schools were staffed by Thomasites who were American teachers named after the ship that brought them here. Numbering at about 540 teachers, they paved the way for a modern school system. The new English language became the language of instruction in all schools. It also became the government’s official language. Literature, Film and Music: The first Filipino paper in English was the Philippine Herald founded by Senate President Manuel Quezon in 1902. In 1912, two American entrepreneurs made a film of Rizal’s execution, inspiring the first Filipino film in 1919iconized the Filipino image which was a Salakot-wearing slippered Juan de la…show more content…
Women on the other hand wore skirts and high heels. They also began using make-up on their faces. Salutations now changed to “Mister”, “Miss” or “Mam” and women were given more rights and more opportunities to participate in work, politics and schools. Different sports were also introduced in the society such as basketball, bowling, tennis and softball. These sports then started to grow popular alongside card games such as blackjack and poker. Infrastructures: Manila as well as other population centers had buildings which were pattered by American architecture which was inspired by Greek or Roman temples. Even the roads were design and built with the American flare following designs from large American cities such as Chicago. Politics: The Americans left their political legacy to the Filipinos by stressing the importance of a democratic state. They taught Filipinos the principles of democracy such as respect for rights and open elections. They came and enhance the knowledge of the Filipinos in democratic ways and

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