Communication Accommodation Theory In Zootopia

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Communication Accommodation Theory Communication Accommodation Theory can be found in many parts of the movie where characters accommodate their speech and language patterns in order to show agreement and affinity for another. The characters in the movie all belong to a wide variety of social group and it all shapes each other’s collective identity such as their language, speech and nonverbal messages (Marko Dragojevic, 2015). There are many scenes where the characters Converge, which is known as accommodating their speech or language patterns in order to blend into the out-groups where the character feels that they do not belong nor have the same social affiliations. And also Diverge, meaning that they differentiate their way of speech or…show more content…
It is found in the movie where the assistant mayor, Dawn Bellwether tried to converge into the kind and tamed social group by accommodating her personality and behaviour (Buller & Aune, 1988). Dawn Bellwether was actually the most evil-hearted animal in Zootopia as she had a plan to usurp the mayor and create a new order where the prey animals go against the predators. Dawn Bellwether wants to be viewed as a part of an in-group, therefore, she behaved solidary in order to gain the mutual support within her in-group (Bradac, Mulac, & House, 2002). She hid her evil side and converged into the social norms so that she will increase the persuasion needed for her evil…show more content…
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