Negative Influence On Cross-Cultural Communication

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The behavior of people of different cultures is not something willy-nilly. There exist clear trends, sequences and traditions. (Lubin,2013)The writer put forward that the summarized the general behavior characteristics of people in different countries. He divided some countries into three different types based on interpersonal characteristics: Linear actives, multi-active, reactive. He shows his research results with a chart. His research aims to help people get better understanding of cross-cultural communication and improve the work efficiency.
The economic globalization is strengthening. Cross-cultural communication is becoming more and more important. Cultural differences have great influence on cross-cultural business communication.
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In different cultures, people's time sense, table manners, the meaning of gesture and clothing are different.
How to deal with the problems that come with cultural difference:
In order to reduce the negative influence of cultural differences on cross-cultural communication, people should improve their knowledge of different culture and the people’s characteristic in different countries. In my opinion, the author's research is of great reference value. It is very beneficial to guide people's communication behaviors by summarizing the characteristics of people’ behavior in different countries
In business communication, we should always be prepared to face different culture and remind ourselves of the existence of the difference of communication culture. When we see some non-verbal symbols with different meanings of our own culture, we should respect each other's culture and customs. At the same time, we should get along with each other in respectful manners.
Besides, I think I can follow some of the
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(Lubin, 2013) Even under the influence of globalization, the characteristic of the people’s behaviors will not change significantly in a short time. The author believes that cross-cultural communication can be better carried out by understanding the differences of culture. With the influence of economic and cultural globalization, the culture in every region has been impacted. We cannot treat the culture with a stubborn attitude. We need to be more flexible when solve problem about cross-cultural communications.
Different cultures have different manners. Thus, in order to avoid embarrassment caused by different etiquette in business negotiation. We need to be familiar with each other's etiquette. At the same time, focus on the details and taboos can also give each other a good impression. In the trend of economic globalization, we should learn the culture of different regions initiatively. Reduce the contradictions brought by cultural differences and improve the quality of cross-cultural

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