Communication And Literature: The Importance Of Communication In Literature

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……when a woman rules there is none she can trust, for though a man who sits upon a throne has his enemies, he has also those loyal to him for their sakes but a woman knows no such loyalties (The imperial Women, 263). The inner feelings of a woman caught in power struggle are encoded powerfully. In literature novelists, dramatists, poets are adept at imparting their feelings and views to the readers and the audience; hence communication and literature are inseparable. Encoding in communication is multifaceted and one has to understand the situation and the psychology of the sender for better interpretation as the success of communication certainly depends on the impact of encoding. Such understanding will establish harmony in the society. Hence gynocritical approach facilitates understanding women communication. The inner feelings of a character are communicated to the readers effectively. A novel can always be successful only when the readers and the novelists establish a tacit understanding of the theme and characterization of a novel. Monologues and soliloquy: Monologues and Soliloquies are the major devices of drama to convey the thoughts process of characters to the audience. Soliloquies are externalized versions of internal thoughts and feelings. This communication stems from solitude. In literature soliloquies are one of the mechanics to express the inner emotions of a speaker. It is nothing but thinking aloud and thereby messages are encoded and decoded by one. The

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