Summary: Non-Verbal Communication

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Register to read the introduction…Was it my stare or my raised eyebrows that led her to clean up? It was through my transmitting of non-verbal communication which allowed her to instantly read the situation. Sarah decoded my signals and understood by my way of direct eye contact and firm body language to clean up the mess.

We all communicate together exchanging symbols and language most commonly through words this is called Verbal Communication and by other symbols through Non-Verbal Communication. In this assignment, I would like to delve in to the different types and forms of effective communication from non-verbal, perception and learning styles that we use in our daily routines.  Non-Verbal Communications and Culture Non-Verbal Communications
‘Communication is the process of sharing information, thoughts and feelings between people through speaking, writing or body language’, Brown (2014). Some people might not be aware of all the non-verbal communication signals that they perform during a conversation with a work colleague or family member. There are several channels of non-verbal communications from touch, facial, eye and
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When we give the ‘thumbs up’ it can be interpreted ‘good job’, but be careful when using these emblems as with different cultures it could be taken as an insult. Emblems and gestures are decoded ‘into words or phrases’ DeVito (p121-122, 2012). Illustrators are very much part of our daily routine, by turning our head or body in the direct of whom we want to talk with. Smiling or nodding our heads during and after conversations, these affect displays are often unconscious to us. A great example of adaptors might be when you put your hand up to your face hiding a yawn or even playing with your hair when…show more content…
Visual are known to learn from what they see, examples pictures, diagrams and demonstrations. A child watches they parents preparing breakfast, putting the bread into the toaster and in-between getting orange juice ready. We especially learn from this in primary school with our first book, looking at the stories and telling the teacher what is happening on the pages. College students might use more of this type of learning style, from mind-maps, spider graphs and highlighting notes to colour code so it would stand out to the rest of content on the
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