Communication And Nonverbal Communication

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According to cultural enhancement cultural competencies is a set of similar behaviors, attitudes, and policies that are combined together in any system agency or among professionals and enable that system, agency or those professions to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. Culture is used because it implies patterns of human behavior while competencies implies having the ability to work successfully.
The ways culture impacts communication between people.

There are three ways in which culture interferes with effective cross-cultural understanding (Eric Benhac). There are; cognitive constraints, behavior constraints and emotional constraints
 Cognitive constraint: Cognitive constraints are the way people view the world based on their culture. For example, people in the United States might be inclined to feel superior to many cultures because of the power and prevalence of U.S. culture. This can cause people to become angry. However, cognitive constraints can also be based on religion, the areas you were born, the school you went to, Mainly, cognitive constraints are created by the way people 's minds give meaning to the world around themselves based on the knowledge and perceptions they have obtained, but they are different from culture to culture.( Eric,
 Behavior constraint
Each culture has its own rules about proper behavior which affect verbal and nonverbal communication. Whether one looks the other person in the eye-or not; whether one

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