Communication And Thai Culture

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Nowadays, there are 193 countries in the world and each country has their own cultures which are different from each other especially in communication cultures. Communication is important in daily life. For instance using for commerce, government, also for the small area such as in an organization and workplace or in small social such as school, university, and family. According to the different communication applied cultures from many countries and the importance of the communication, so it is significant to know, understand, and learn about the cultures, and how to communicate across different cultures and social groups. Thailand is one of all countries in the world that has many sub-cultures needed to be concerned when wanting to have a communication since Thai people are strict. Without bewaring, we can say that “ the communication might not successful”. The communication of Thailand consists of both colloquialism and body language. For the example of Thai cultural differences is as below: The most important Thai culture need to beware is hierarchical societies. In Thailand, people differ in their level of age(e.g. elder), gender, education, position, experiences, social status(e.g. “Khun-ying”), role(e.g. teacher), religious, the environment they grow up in, and the part of the country they come from, therefore showing politeness and respect to others by concerning both verbal and nonverbal language is extremely important. For example, The way that Thais talk to

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