Communication And The Eight Elements Of Effective Communication

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The term "communication" is derived from Latin word "Communis" and "Communicare". "Communis" means commonality, or to share. Likewise, communicare means to make common. Communication is the transfer of information from one source to another. It is a two-way process whereby information is encoded and imparted by sender to a receiver via a channel, it is a process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants don’t only exchange information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. Why do we communicate? We communicate in order to give or provide information. In addition to that, we communicate to persuade, for example we want someone to do something and this desire of ours is communicated. Besides that, we communicate to seek for information. We also communicate to convey our emotions. The communication process is the guide towards realizing effective communication. Effective communication brings understanding. Through the communication process, the source and the receiver shares a common meaning between each other. Communication is competent if the message that is taken in is the same one that is sent. There are eight elements in the communication process. They are source, encoding, message, channel, decoding, receiver, feedback and noise. Each element plays an important role in making the communication effective. Any process of communication must begin with a source: the initiator. The source is the person (or thing) attempting to give out
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