Communication As A Communication Process

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The definition of the communication process is consisted in various components.
The first component is the sender which as the word says he/she sends a message.
The second component is the receiver.

What is betwenn them is a communication,but in order to be effective in the process perceptions on the culture and social situation will influence the effectiveness of the message.

In any type of human aggregation the communication process is essential because it provides the basis on which every form of exchange.

If we think about it the communication is behind all the negotiations made or even a conflict resolution.

It is very important that a communication occur because without it it would be basically impossible to achieve some goals.
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Consider communication as a process means, then, keep in mind that each communication event does not end in itself, but produces effects on stakeholders directly or indirectly involved, which, as such, affect the ways in which they face the future events.

Each of us has different ways to represent their experience of the world and then to communicate it.

This means that one of the major obstacles we face when we interface with our interlocutors is represented by the ability to "get in tune" with each of them.

A first step towards this important relational achievement lies in creating awareness of what each phase of our communication process depends on the manner in which we manage this conversation.

If we think about it,change is the real essence of communication; After a communicative exchange is done the situation is no longer the same as before because it has changed the relationships between the pople who had the comunication and as well the perception of the external environment.

In this process many factors are
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Culture is one indicator that influences a lot the process of communication.
Culture is a subject that communicator dont have to underestimate.

In the communication process if we compare the western cultures and the confucian culture.

-Western culture tends to give more importance to the sender rather than the receiver in the communication, while the eastern part they give more importance to the relationship that develops between the participants in the communication to the message itself.

The appropriate knowledge of the same language does not guarantee effective communication if the structures of thought are out of phase.

In a discussion we Westerners tend to jump right into the "problem", which is considered in bad taste for Chinese and Japanese.

The confucian culture instead tends to define the context of the discussion before arriving to discuss the matter in question.

Culture is a very important step when trying to understand how to give a speech or to comunicate with
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