The Importance Of Effective Communication At Work

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Effective Communication at Work Effective communication in the workplace is the life blood of a business because whether in any form (written, verbal, non-verbal or visual) it allows every organization to become more strategically aligned with their goals, more productive and utilize resources efficiently. Managers and employees must equally embrace their role and responsibility in ensuring consistent and effective communication which is maintained throughout every stage of their decision making process. What do you mean by Effective communication at work? Most of the time professionals are using statements like, “Well, I assumed that he/she meant…”, or “they knew what I was saying…”, or “I was meaning to update the team, but I just didn’t have the time…” and lastly, “I didn’t know who to talk to about…” Each of these instances describe what I like to call ‘Communication-Assassins’: assumptions, misunderstandings, procrastination and ambiguous flow of communication, respectively. Communication at work is more complex than simply exchanging messages at the water cooler or through email. It 's about the ability to understand and be understood in…show more content…
it improves worker productivity, employees feel empowered as they can able to participate in the upward communication (having chances to exchange messages with superiors) and downward communication (having chances to exchange messages with subordinates). On the other hand, it may say that an effective communication in the workplace is the transmitting of data or information between one individual or group and another individual or group within an organization which includes emails, voicemails, notes, text messages, etc. Therefore, effective communication’s ability to be more productive that operate smoothly. Effective communication is an essential component of organizational success at all
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