Communication Barriers In Education

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2.1 What is a Communication skill?
Human or every living being was born to have the ability to hear and talk. The communication word is originally derived from the Latin word “communicare”, meaning “to make common” (Weekley, 1967) or “to share.” (Harper, 2013) Communication is an essential in between people to exchange their thoughts or to connect with themselves. However, communication between people is important, but without an effective communication skill, we might misinterpret or misunderstood the message we want to convey and receive. Whether in education or business, we need communication skills in order to be successful.
2.2 Communication in Education
In the education, we all know that communication between teacher and student is
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Without good communication skills, the internal and external structure of a business may face various kinds of challenges that can eventually lead to its demise.
2.7 Communication barriers in business
The downside in communication is that there are always barriers exist. One of the common barriers happens in our life and even in the movie scene – the management isolation. Over-creating executive’s offices and managers with exclusive benefits, make them declare that they are the bosses in the management field. These kinds of benefits will only increase distance between people and make them feel their leaders are unreachable due to the different of status.
In year 2010, the accident explosion of Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig had become a huge crisis for British Petroleum. In the final report, the Whitehouse Commission had found out the miscommunication in the management was the root of the accident. Poor communication missed warning signals and failure to share information had highlighted the weakness in a management. (National Commission,
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Most of the great business leaders all are excellent communicators, they are just like salesman. They know how to effectively communicate with the investor or the world with their plan and ideas.
The representor of the business often reflects the professionalism. When a representor is well spoken and has very good communication, it will bring positively on the business and also the success.
A success business is not only of the leader but the entire organization. Teamwork in workplace allows the workers to build a closer relationship and can make the job being more fun and interesting. Distribute the workload evenly so that everyone can communicate. Meanwhile, having some competition between team members is healthy and can improve productivity.
In a business, we often face various obstacles. Critical thinking and problem-solving is very crucial in a business. Communication between people in workplace can make them think outside of box when comes to problems. Employers often need advices not only from consultant, but also the employees because they might have different thought. People who can think critically is very high valued in a business

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