Communication Barriers In Health And Social Care Essay

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Sometimes, barriers can have an impact on the quality of care for the clients at my service. There are 6 different barriers that you may come into contact with: physical barriers, psychological barriers, financial barriers, geographical barriers, cultural and language barriers and resource barriers. Physical barriers are items that prevent someone from getting where they need to go. For example, a wheelchair user may be unable to enter a building if the doorway is too narrow or if there are stairs up to the entrance. Psychological barriers affects how an individual views a particular service. For instance, an individual may be too worried about finding out why they are unwell, to seek professional help. Financial barriers are how much…show more content…
In addition to this, they may find it difficult to get there because of how far away they live or if, due to mobility problems, they cannot walk a short distance to get there. A cultural or language barrier would be if the person trying to receive the care doesn’t speak English, and the information about the services is written only in English. Also, the information may include text that is too sophisticated for that person to understand. That person may also be suffering with a problem such as dyslexia. Resource barriers are if an individual cannot access a service due a lack of money or staff. If that service is in high demand then you may have to wait until the service has the amount of money that they need to pay for everyone to access the service. My service user has faced a resource barrier, a psychological barrier and a geographical barrier. The main barrier was probably the resource barrier because it took him months to get a place in CAMHS. This meant that he had to continue with his problems for a while before someone could start to help him. Also, the long wait made his anxiety as he didn’t know what to expect and so he thought of the worst possible things that could have
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