Communication Breakdown In The Workplace

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3.0 COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN Communication is the core for everything we do in the workplace. It happens all the time and every day at workplace. Nevertheless, communication breakdown occurs and can affect the organization own its own. This is because communication breakdown does not only occur among the organizational workers but also with the clients of the organization. There are seven communication breakdowns that occur at the interviewee's workplace which are failing to be direct, failing to share information, responding defensively, miscommunication, failing to listen, non-responsiveness and lastly, vertical communication failures. As a leader of a workplace, communication is a key to ensure the ability for a leader to lead the organization.…show more content…
This is because there are times her colleagues tend to hear rather than listen. To recall, an event that happened to her was she told one of her colleagues to make a copy of the recent approved document and shred the previous copy that was not approved. Nevertheless, her colleagues did not pay attention and she shred the one with the approval and this has caused major problemb for her department. She futher explained that the Head of The Department had to face the Head Manager and explained the situation. This situation shows that communucation breakdown can affect the whole organization and the relationships between the co-workers. Eguawarja George A (2015), asserts that poor listening skills lead to conflicts and members of associations or organization should learn techniques of better listening and can generate good relation with the messenger and avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation within the…show more content…
Consequently, ignoring upward and downward vertical communication that flows among all employee levels can directly affect the relationship between co-workers and also the company’s finances. For example, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appoints a department to lead a data-gathering project and recommend a product strategy and that department manager only communicates to other managers, horizontally. Thus, he is missing critical input from sales employees who interact with the customers or clients every day. Henceforth, the manager recommends the company to modify its existing product while the sales employee knows that customers can easily make minor changes in the product to serve the same purpose and won’t spend money for the new

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