Hafiz Communication Barriers

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Communication challenges faced by Hafiz 1. Language barriers The Language barrier is a big challenge for Hafiz, because most of his subordinates are from different countries who speak English as a second language. They might have different dialects even though they are from the same country. Communication between them becomes difficult if they speak in different dialects. 2. Age barriers Majority of Hafiz’s subordinates are from different generations who prefer different methods to communicate. Younger staffs might want to receive text messages on mobile phones, but the rest might prefer to have a phone calls, emails and face to face communication. General approach towards work also might be different for employees from different age groups. He might seek out other perspectives ways of thinking which includes people from different age groups. 3. Lack of feedback Feedback is an…show more content…
Lack of feedback: Hafiz must be open to take feedbacks from the restaurant staffs after the meetings. By doing so, maybe he will understand that there are certain situations which are not possible to follow. In that case, Hafiz need to come out with another solution. Feedback also enables Hafiz to evaluate the effectiveness of his message. It may pave way for new idea to improve the safety measures has to be taken in the restaurant. Positive feedback is also very important. 4. Cultural and ethnic barriers: Hafiz need to know the basics of different cultures of staffs he is working with. Because their approach about food safety practices might be different. Also he might not assume that his subordinates are using their cultural barrier to be manipulative or lazy. He might need to separate the issues from their personalities, it may be because of their different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity. Being sensitive to and aware of the unique cultural differences of Hafiz's subordinates will help him to determine where he need to alter his management style or practices.

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