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It has often been argued that communication and culture are not able to be separated. Recently, many definitions of culture also indicate the intimate relationship between them. Alfred G. Smith (1966) wrote in his preface to Communication and Culture, “culture is a code we learn and share, and learning and sharing require communication. Communication requires coding and symbols that must be learned and shared.” Generally, culture is a very complicated concept and it changes as society develops. With the progress of society, communication between different countries becomes increasingly significant. It is a lively process characterized by progressive information exchange between people of different cultural backgrounds. More specifically, cultures are created through communication, communication is the means of human interaction through which cultural characteristics: customs, roles, rules, rituals, laws, and other patterns are created and shared. Without communication and communication media, it would be hard to preserve and pass along cultural characteristics from one place and time to another. It is said, therefore, that “culture is created, shaped, transferred, and learned through communication. Simultaneously, communication practices are largely created, shaped, and transferred by culture”. As a result, to be understood, the two concepts must be studied together. Precisely, culture cannot be known without a study of communication,

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