Communication Distortion In Communication

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The effectiveness of the organization largely depends on the success of business communication managers and staff, as well as from the features of communication of staff with customers and partners. Among the phenomena that hinder the communication in the organization and sometimes lead to full lock, the leading role played by communication barriers. In General, the communication barriers can be defined as obstacles in the way of information transmission from the Communicator (the sender information) to the recipient (recipient) In communication at work also often have specific barriers of communication. Let's look at them in more detail. Language differences - improper or inaccurate coding of the message by managers, without taking into account…show more content…
All the distortions in organizational communication are divided into three groups: 1) unintentional distortion due to the lack of information, uncertainties or difficulties in interpersonal contacts; 2) deliberate distortions, which represent a greater risk when making decisions in the organization and setting goals. In this case, the intermediate link in the communication chain is not according to the message content (e.g., not according to the order of the parent control) and seeks to change the nature of its effects; 3) filtering of information in the message when cut off junk at the moment the information is only the essence. This operation can lead to loss of information, and harmful simplifications that prevent the adoption of effective management decisions. Negative filtering effect can occur when senior executives are trying to provide only positive information content, without bringing to their attention the most acute problems; when there is fear of punishment; there was a useless information because its incorrect…show more content…
The most common of such faults should recognize the existence of a large number of management levels, where information while passing from level to level is lost or distorted. Another drawback is the lack of stable horizontal linkages between departments. Another drawback is the presence of conflicts between different groups and units. Conflicts often inherent in the structure of the organization. Units or individual managers, are in conflict, not only can promote the rupture of communication links within the organization, but to use a communication network to achieve its goals in the fight with other units or leaders. A high degree of spatial differentiational barriers to the flow of information according to certain communication channels because of the distance of the individual structural units of the organization. Indeed, using modern means to convey necessary information, but sometimes difficult to follow orders; in addition, the problematic possibility of subordinates to communicate with a distant Central

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