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Analysis Communication is a very important aspect in the everyday way of life of an individual. People communicate to express their feelings, to share and gather information and to socialize with other people.
One way to express feelings is through online means like chatting, video calls and the likes. Another way of communication is through letters and mails. Lastly, and the one considered to be very much part of social interaction is communication in a day-to-day conversation. All of the aforementioned would entail a good command of the English language, thus the need for Basic English Grammar strictly apply into it.
The English language is considered to be the ‘lingua franca’ and it is used by almost all people in the world.
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Grammar, as a set of rules for choosing words and putting words together to make sense, plays a significant role in teaching English as a language because without grammar, there is no language. Also, it is difficult for the learners to speak English language well without learning its grammar. So, in the school set-up of teaching and learning process, it is inevitable for teachers who teach English language to teach grammar, simultaneously. According to an article published by Moran Publisher (2015), the basic features of English as a language determine the need for grammar. In addition, the standard of mastering English language embodies the importance of grammar teaching. Although people have different viewpoints on the standard of mastering English language, there is a similarity, that is, in order to master English language, a person must master first its grammar. Furthermore, Moran stressed that grammar and communicative competence should not be in opposition. With a good understanding in grammar, learners can fully improve their integrated English language and promote the overall levels of their language. Therefore, English teachers should strive hard to explore grammar teaching methods and fully uphold students’ English grammar…show more content…
Basically it is impossible for a young child to utter thoughts that are new to them and therefore once a child learns about their surroundings, they can map language onto their previous knowledge. Cognitivists believe that language were develop within the condition of other mental capabilities like memory, alertness and problem solving because it is a part of the extensive intellectual development. Stephen Krashen's Second Language Acquisition Theory. Krashen's theory was not only providing a motivation for abundant research in the field of SLA but it also influenced second language teaching. Second Language Acquisition Theory served as the foundation for the Natural Approach (Krashen and Terrell, 1982) that has long dominated thinking about effective language teaching and is still useful on a daily basis in the school set-up.
According to Krashen (1982), second language acquisition is a natural process; whereas learning a particular language is a conscious one. In the preceding, a learner requires to participate in natural communicative situations. He also stressed that Second Language Acquisition does not require extensive use of conscious grammatical

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