Communication In Family Communication

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Family communication consists of all behaviors (nonverbal and verbal) through which family members have an emotional impact on one another, playing out their interpersonal relationships (Beebe, Beebe & Redmond, 2011). The point of communication is not to weaken, but to build an understanding. Nevertheless, when communicating through interpersonal relationships, it can be acknowledged that disagreements and/or conflicts will arise. Therefore, when those conflicts and/or disagreements do happen to arise, conflict management becomes of crucial importance and communication within the family remains a relatively significant factor. With that being said, being able to manage and find resolution through conflict encompasses the ability to diminish tension and/or stress while shifting emotions into a sense of balance. Although, when it comes to conflict that may arise within a family, there is no single approach in order to completely evade it. However, acquiring the skills necessary in order to send clear nonverbal and verbal communication while engaging in active listening can be advantageous in reducing the impact, keeping the conflict at bay. Conflict management is important in relation to the field of Family Communication for no other reason than it is crucial in terms of efficacious relationships. The first article, “Couple Communication as a Mediator between Work-Family Conflict and Marital Satisfaction” written by Sarah June Carroll, E. Jeffrey Hill, Jeremy B. Yorgason,

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