Communication In Medieval Times

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Medieval times was a time for proving yourself. Everyone wanted to be better than their opponent. The weapons and war tactics developed and used in Medieval times proved to be advanced and lethal. The better the weapons, the more lethal the armies became. All the armies were trying to come up with the new technology, and it did not matter if they had to maybe take some ideas from their opponents. A big key in having a strong army, was having good organization, many armies main goal was to make sure they had the best and safe strategy to keep their troops safe and get the job done.
Organization was a big role in combat. Without a plan or strategy it would be very difficult to win a battle. A debate was usually discussed with a head commander
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Communication is a big role in having a strong army. With all the circumstances in a battlefield, it made communication hard. A very easy and good way to communicate was through music. It is not like the modern music today. It was with drums and horns and loud instruments that can be heard from miles away, and it made life alot easier for the soldiers talking to each other, without really “talking” to each other. And another easy and helpful way of communication was by signals like flags, that they would wave to get the attention they needed to get from their fellow buddies (Source 1). A part of communication during the war is just as much important as the communication before the war. Preparation before the battle involved in things like making sure ammunition was ready and that everyone was good and healthy before the battle. Fletchers were the people kept very, very busy because these were the guys who made things like arrows. Another key job was a craftsmen, these guys job was also very important, they made things like armour, and without armour the soldiers would not have a good source of protection (Source 6). It would not feel very nice to get stabbed in the rib’s with a long and sharp sword, therefore the army had to invest into getting armour to help protect some of their
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