Communication In Mental Health Nursing

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Communication is a vital aspect of the relationship between the patient and the nurse, as it allows for a therapeutic relationship to be built and maintained. It is stated that good, clear and professional communication is important for the delivery of high standard care (Reading, S. and Webster, B, 2014). This is particularly important in mental health nursing as giving verbal guidance and reassurance is an important aspect of the care being provided. Mental health nurses must also be able to recognise when a situation is needing a soothing tone of voice in communication or a more authoritative tone. When the nurse is talking to Geoff and advising him on his medication she must talk to him in a soothing and friendly tone. Using some of the…show more content…
It is stated that ‘the best and most cost-effective outcomes for patients and clients are achieved when professionals work together and learn together’ (Borrill, C. et al. 2001). It is important that within the team that each individual has defined roles and responsibilities, as different members of the team will have different levels of training. It is also important to have clear roles and delegated tasks in providing care as overlapping of tasks can cause confusion within the team (Community Care, 2005). There are clear advantages of MDT working as it combines a group of diverse people with different training and skills, meaning high quality care can be provided. However, MDT working also has its disadvantages. Time pressures, excessive caseloads and lack of leadership have been proven to be linked to poor decision making within MDT teams. The 6 C’s of care are valuable principles in achieving effective MDT work, including communication, commitment and courage (Department of Health, 2012). Clear communication between health professionals in the MDT is needed so that a continuity of care is provided to service users like Geoff. Everyone involved with his care should be made aware of changes in his mental health and the treatment he is receiving. Good communication between the MDT is not only achieved by good verbal communication, it also involves listening to team members and taking on board their professional input in matters, and keeping clear documentation through record keeping. Commitment to doing right by the service users is also key, and so all members of the MDT should lead by example with this principle. And lastly courage is important as it allows for health professionals to do the right thing in every situation they come across. If there are any concerns or bad practice viewed, this should

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