Communication In Social Media

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The arrival of communication in the form of social media has connected individuals throughout the world together. Social media can be defined as where people communicate, utilizing online platforms while they are connected to the Internet (Cox and Rethman, 2011). With social media, people interact not only with a single person, but they can choose to connect with many other individuals to speak concurrently, though they are at various locations. In addition, people may engage in a variety of activities; for instance, they can download photographs, upload videos, and electronically transfer information. Social media diminishes the problem of communication with others over long distances, and expedites the ability for people to communicate at any time.
Some of the most popular platforms in social media are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, which give people the ability to easily connect with friends, relatives, and co-workers. Twitter is a unique form of communication because of its brevity on the postings: the limit is 140 characters, and the users have no need to be acquaintances with each other by 2009, Twitter had 41 million users (Kwak et al. 2010). Conversely, LinkedIn is more business oriented and has 85 million members (Wang and Kobsa, 2009). Users post their professional image to the public, showing their skills, contacting other professionals in the field, and even searching for prospective candidates for their industries (Cox and Rethman, 2011). Facebook, which is

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