Communication In The Holy Quran

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Language is one of the great blessings God has bestowed upon man. It has many purposes the most important of which is communication. The Holy Quran, the great miracle of the Prophet of Islam and the book of human life, has provided valuable principles on effective verbal communication skills. One part of the Quranic teachings pertains to human communication, especially spoken skills and conversation rituals. In this paper we are trying to review some of the important communication skills such as Courtesy and Respect, Eloquence and Rhetoric Gentleness in speech, Simplicity of Speech, Moderation in speech and Euphemism provided by the Holy Quran. Key words: Communication; Principles; Quran; speech; courtesy; effective; language Introduction: Language is a wonderful member of the human body and is undertaking great tasks, the most important of which is the ability to speak. God Almighty in the Holy Quran, following…show more content…
One of the admirable behaviors of the Holy Prophet (SWW) was in salutation [3] .The great prophet of Islam saluted all evenchildrenandslaves and was always the first in salutation when dealing with others(Tabatabai Seyyed Mohammad, Traditions of the Prophet, Translated by Latif Rashidi).Good ethics and good behavior of the Prophet can be considered as the most important factor in his popularity and eloquence among Muslims.To God Almighty, the faithful servant is verydearand respected. God loves his servants and does not allow people to insult or mock each other .Therefore ,in verse 11of Sura Al-hujraat says:"O believers let not any people scoff at another people who may be better than they; neither let women scoff at women who may be better than themselves. And find fault with one another, neither revile one another by nicknames. An evil name is ungodliness after belief. And whoso repents not, those- they are the evildoers."

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