Communication In The Movie Miracle Worker

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We all communicate with each other daily. It 's what makes our world work, whether we realize it or not. To most people it is human nature. But what if it was more difficult for you to communicate? What if there were physical and mental hurdles you must fight daily just to be able to communicate.We 're constantly tasked with finding new ways to interact and share information with others, while using the basic principles of communication and the pieces of listening. This grants us the ability to communicate with the world around us. The concepts of barriers between communication, shared meaning among each other, and complementary means of communication, are among those.These concepts are shown thoroughly throughout the movie Miracle Worker.

The movie Miracle Worker displays the life of a girl, Helen Keller, who has been both blind and deaf since she was two years old. In the beginning, her whole family who already struggle to properly communicate with each other, find Helen very uncontrollable. She is very aggressive and tries to talk, but when she can 't, she begins to scream, hit, and throw tantrums, until her mother gives her a piece of candy to make her be quiet. Her parents are doubtful about Helen ever receiving any help. Her father becomes increasingly suspicious when Ms. Sullivan comes to teach Helen, as she was a student at a school for the visually impaired. Ms. Sullivan is much less coddling than Helen 's parents right off the bat. Ms. Sullivan sees that
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