Communication In The Movie: Outsourced

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Outsourced is made a movie in 2006, a romantic comedy film. The movie was written by George Wing and John Jeffcoat. It was directed by John Jeffcoat. The movie tells about the changing life of an American man Todd Anderson after he traveled to India. We can see that the importance of slangs in communication in the movie. Although slang help to understand target language better, sometimes it can create obstacles in communication. We understood this situation better after watching the movie. Todd Anderson who is a Seattle call center manager travelled to India because of his department is outsourced. In the beginning he couldn’t adapt the new culture because food, language, even marriage was different for him. He tried to teach Indian employers …show more content…

Language is a system to communication include sign and symbols. In this movie people spoke Hindi and English each other. Especially they tried to speak English with Todd even they didn’t know how to speak. For example, In the beginning of the movie there was a seller. He spoke generally Hindi. Then he tried to spoke English whatever he knows. He says “please come back, I am waiting for you, good day, good night, good morning” he tried to communicate with Todd by using language even he didn’t know English totally. Sometimes we can use gesture to communicate people. For example, when Todd ate food with his left hand, Aunt Ji and Puro tried to explain that they didn’t eat any food with left hand because of unclear. But Todd didn’t understand why. Then Indian man showed why they didn’t use. Then Todd understood the situation. Language is not just letter. We can use to communicate symbols, sign, color, gesture. Moreover, American man name was Todd but Indian people Mr. Toad. This was frustrating for Todd. Sometimes Indian people and Todd didn’t understand each other because of slangs. Slangs are part of the language. Todd used so much slangs like kitsch, redneck, schmuck, small talk when he spoke no one. This situation make communication difficult between two culture. As they had difficulty in understand each other. For example, when Todd and Puro met, Todd said; “what I really do, is sell kitsch to redneck”. Puro

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