Communication Is An Interdependent Process Of Communication

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“Communication is an interdependent process of sharing meaning through the continuous flow of symbolic messages” (Froemling et at, 2011), or “Communication is essentially a social affair” (Cherry, Colin). These two thoughts show us that communication is something important, something that makes our lives possible. Thus, communication needs to follow some steps to be successful. In addition, there are many types of communication. There are two things necessary in having communication- a Sender and a Receiver. It is necessary for someone to send a message and someone on the other side codifying the message and giving a feedback in the context, what will make a successful communication. This makes us understand information, understand ourselves, and live in society. A society has rules, etiquettes, a political system, language, economic system, among other examples, and these examples explain the communication system. Furthermore, communication also needs to have a form of technology that transmits the messages. Radio, television, oral communication, email, and letters are examples of technology that transmits messages. We, humans, have characteristics in our communication that can distinguish us from animals. In Cherry’s book, he said that we have our own system of communication through speech and language/writing; we also organize our thoughts and develop our thinking. We can also think about the rituals and the symbolic interactions, where both represent a mechanism of
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