Communication Issues In Communication

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part of communication like body language for ex- high level of eye contact in some culture its high level of attention and in some its sign of rudeness , different differences in body language can lead to misunderstandings between people of different cultural backgrounds [³] Using Technology- geographical distance that often exist between international team member which means technology play important role for individual to communicate in the daily basis , telephone and video conferencing allow to talk verbally , email max don’t make fast communication problem . Problems with incompatible technology or lack of access to appropriate technology can mean that some individuals do not get all the information in appropriate manner.(!)Attitude…show more content…
Take time to get to know all team members’ strengths and make the most of them.[2]Share information – if you are working with different background then try to open about sharing information about your owns culture so that they can get better knowledge of your background which can help in Building relationships in a two-way process.[2]Avoid making instant judgments – we people have habit to make quick judgments , we evaluate based on our own culture, rather then trying to comprehend thought and feeling from other person prospective.
Issue in communication-
[1]Think before you want to convey the other parties- use proper and simple word when you want to convey, use appropriate word. and clear sentence , because both parties are from different culture because like to share different way of communication. Some people are straight toward work nothing of wasting time.[²]Make sure you clearly understood- avoid using colloquialisms word phase which are always misunderstood , ask people whom you trust to give feed back on use of language , if you speak in second language ask someone to let you know you are pronounce something wrong.[³]Be careful while using email- this is difficulty for sensitive message like performance , loss etc where we want face to face communication , even
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