Communication Issues In Nursing

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Communication issues was a major theme occurring in 85% of the research reviewed by the author. However, only three of these articles reported on the experience of people with intellectual disability themselves, (Iacono & Davis 2003, McDonald 2008, and Hart 1998). For individuals with intellectual disabilities to experience quality care when in general hospitals, it is essential nursing staff should have adequate communication skills, Brown (2005). However, although it is known that these quality communication is essential it is not always practiced. In researching the literature the author identified studies that examined what is experienced when communicating with nurses by people with learning disabilities and their carers. This theme on…show more content…
The majority of these studies, if not all describes how nurses rely heavily on family and paid carer's. For individuals with intellectual disabilities to have positive experiences in general hospitals, it is vital that both nursing staff and carers work together as a team. The intention is to discuss what is known in this area in order to assist nurses in the futher, when caring for people with intellectual disability and the role of the carer.

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They explained that staff rarely offered to give them a break, had to provide their own equipment from home, medication and incontinence pads. The respondents in Ali et al (2013) also expressed their grievances about the lack of support they receive when in hospital with their clients. Some carers found it emotionally draining caring for the needs of their client, and often resulted in stress, with little or no help from their family or staff. Backer et al (2009) report stresses the importance of supporting the carers and the need to show a positive regard for their role and knowledge of people with intellectual disability. The report, emphasises that carers knowledge is a vital source of information and that nurses need to listen to what they have to say in order to provide optimum care. A community learning disability nurse in the UK, Phillips (2012) discussed how they rely on carers to support them, by asking them to fill out a patient-centred assessment on the person's needs and preferences in order to plan appropriate care. Although this study only discusses how they care for people with intellectual disabilities in their service, it successfully explains how when everyone supports each other, patients tend to have more

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