Communication Mix And Branding In Retailing

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Explain the relationship between the communication mix and branding in retailing? "Retailing encompasses the business activities involved in selling goods and services to consumers for personal, family, and household use." Retailers buy large quantities from manufacturers or wholesalers and then sells small quantities to consumers to earn profit. Retailing is important because consumers demand to have goods and services that they need. For Retailing to occur, a business must have the tools necessary for communicating to the consumers its goods and services. Thus, Retailing has the communication mix which is a set of tools that inform customers about the retailer, the merchandise, and the services. Any organization needs to have…show more content…
There are many challenges that the communication mix faces when communicating a given brand to the consumers. When communicating a brand, the communication mix relies heavily on the budget available. The budget available determines which element to use and which to not use. Based on John F. Tanner, Jr and Mary Anne Raymond, the budget affects a promotion 's reach, number of people exposed to the message, and frequency , how often are people exposed. For example, a company may not have the enough money to create advertising campaigns that will in return attract customers and increase sales. Retailers need to also to be aware of the stage in the product life cycle. According to the stage, different types and amounts of promotions are used. Products in the introductory stages need more promotions than at any other stages to create brand awareness. Another challenge that retailers need to consider is to set apart different types of products and purchase decisions. Technical and expensive products rely on professional selling while products that are purchased routinely rely on advertising. Purchasing decisions are easier in products of low involvement while high involvement products require much work by retailers using more tools of the communication mix. Retailers are challenged by customers to find out their readiness to purchase and to find out the target market characteristics. Retailers need to find the different types of media and which to choose for…show more content…
Subway is a retailer that sells healthy sandwiches. Subway uses internal marketing communications, external marketing communications, and interactive marketing communications. In internal marketing communications, the company manages information between the company and employees so accurate information would reach customers. In external marketing communications, the channels are used to communicate a company 's given information to customers. Both internal and external marketing communications are important because they communicate the brands to the customers. In external marketing communications, Subway uses communication mix tool such as newspapers, magazines, television, Websites, banners, and E-mails to reach out to customers when wanting to know about the brand. Subway also uses public relations such as sponsoring special events like World Health day. World Health day sponsorship further promotes that Subway is healthy food. For media coverage, Sport persons are used to appear as a form of public relations. Thus, Subway is associated with both health and athletics. Both the internet and social media are used for brand communication such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube where customers see latest news and communicate about their opinions. Subway 's customer service of ordering and confirmation calls of home delivery raises brand awareness about the brand and the company. The store design of Subway uses yellow and white shades in its brand image and the

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