Communication: The Three Models Of Effective Communication

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Communication is very important because it helps people to submit ideas and thoughts. Thanks to the media, people get information about your social circle and can share with others.
The definition of communication is "a bilateral process, a circuit that two or more people interact through a set of conventional signs or symbols, both known" (ten Freijeiro, 2006, p. 8)
Ten choose this definition because it is three elements are grouped, and these transmitter, receiver and message. So you could say it 's very important communication between their managers and workers, because the guarantee of a company is its good and excellent communication, can achieve its objectives within your company. Antonio Lacasa
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Communication models are referred to different assessments by various authors.
A communication model that seeks to express the sender to transmit to him / recipients to fully understand the message delivered. Later some models that have a great value for communication.
1.2.1 Model of Aristotle being one of the older models talking about communication, and points out all means to have excellent persuasion, so manifest three main elements, "speaker (sender), speech (message) and audience (receiver) "(Berlo, 2002, p. 26)
1.2.2 Model Lasswell: Lasswell model, has a basic structure as it performs a simple process. Below you can see on the chart as the communication structure of
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• Oral: using the spoken word and sound.
• Nonverbal: Composed of facial expressions and body gestures.
According to the degree of interaction:
• Direct: Between transmitter and receiver personally.
• Hint: communication is created with a tool.
It is that according to these communication functions can be divided into some characteristics depending on the channel used.

One can say that the role of communication is important within a company as it always is exchanging messages.
According to Robbins (2009) these can be four main functions and you need to keep a check on them:
• Control: This function is to monitor the behavior of each of its employees.
• Motivation: Communication within a company where there is motivation for employees is very important as it helps them improve, although they are doing their job or if they need to improve, etc.
• Emotional expression: This is very significant for communication because employees show their feelings or fears.
• Information: Within this function is necessary because communication provides information to employees for decision
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