Communication Reflection

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On Friday September 11, 2015 I worked Post 28 with Officer Christina Nichols. I noticed Officer Nichols was in a bad mood when she arrived at 5:00am. When I asked Christina a post related question at approximately 5:15am she informed me to leave her alone. Despite her asking for silence she started speaking to me roughly 20 minutes later. I found out at 7:10am that I would have to stay until 11:00am because my relief called off. I told Officer Nichols this and she said, “That’s too bad.” At approximately 7:30am when I asked her about a vehicle that was parked near the parking garage booth she informed me that she was going to call the supervisor. Officer Nichols said to me, “You’re getting on my nerves.” She called Lt. Singh and at approximately 7:45am Lt. Williams arrived at the Post 28 parking garage booth. When he arrived he asked Officer Nichols what the problem was. Officer Nichols responded by saying, “This nigga keeps on harassing me.” Lt. Williams informed Officer Nichols to watch her language. Officer Nichols responded to Lt. Williams saying, “Fuck that shit. I’m sick of this shit.” Lt. Williams left Post 28 at approximately 8:10am. At 8:15am Lt. Williams asked me to work the metal detector post inside the Three White Flint lobby which I did until I was relieved at 10:00am. I was surprised by Officer Nichols behavior on September 11, 2015. There are two reason why I was not aware of any issues with Officer Nichols. The first reason why I was not aware of any issues

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