Communication Reflection

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Entry 1 Question 3: When I was in elementary school for an after school activity I was in Girl scouts. It was fun and we did many things throughout the school year. One of the activists we did was visit a nursing home during the holidays and sing songs and visit with the residents. What made it intercultural was that we were talking to experienced elders who grow up in a different time then we did and how things were different. One resident was telling me about their job she was a sister and at time when she lived in the school and she and the other sisters shared a room and that in the summer it was horrible because there was no air conditioning. She was also telling about how before she became a sister she liked riding horses. Overall I felt commination was good. When the sister was telling me about her life it made me realize just how much I actually had and that I should be grateful for everything that I have. I also learned some of the struggles they had to face and how they handed it. After talking with the sister it was interesting to her story and it just made me realize that even though we had different lifestyles I felt like I could somewhat relate when it came to certain issues like politics and economy. I don’t think there were that many challenges when communicating. But there was a few, one was they spoke soft so there was a few times that I had to ask them to repeat what they just said another thing was some of the words they used you had to ask what they
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