Communication Satellites Advantages And Disadvantages

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A satellite is an astronomical body that orbits a planet or a star . Satellites can also be artificial, meaning that they have been intentionally placed into orbit. In 1957, the Soviet “Sputnik” became the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth. Since then, around 6600 artificial satellites have been launched, of which 1000 remain in operation . Artificial satellites have many applications, such as transmitting information between various locations on Earth. These are called communications satellites. They can provide different types of communication services such as telecommunications (including telephone calls), broadcasting (radio and television) and data communications.

Communications satellites became useful after the invention of
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Firstly, it had a tremendous social impact because it brought people around the world closer together. This is because it overcame the physical barriers to long-range communication, such as the curvature of the Earth. In fact, a satellite can cover a large area of the planet, and can also be used by maritime and aeronautical craft. For this reason, satellites allow people living in remote settlements to communicate with the rest of the world. Thus, satellites brought modernity and development to isolated parts of the planet. However, the use of satellites is not limited to remote locations. Even inhabitants of major cities use satellites to communicate with distant locations (regardless of their size). This means that communications satellites can essentially connect most, if not all, human beings on Earth through a global communications network – be it through telephone, Internet, television or radio. This has impacted nearly every aspect of our everyday life. For example, anyone with a radio, television or Internet device can have access to worldwide news coverage (thanks to satellites), which means that people are more up to date and have more global awareness than ever before. Furthermore, information is much more democratic and easy to access. Not many years ago, the only method of research was books, which not everyone had access to. Nowadays, the Internet has created many new possibilities (websites, videos etc.). Thanks to satellites, the Internet is available almost everywhere on Earth. This means that more people can access more information in a shorter amount time. In addition to this, culture and entertainment are also easier to access. For example, if you wanted to watch a play, you had to go to the theater. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can watch the same play on film. At a smaller lever, communications satellites allow loved ones to stay in touch over long

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