Examples Of Dialogue In Othello

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Scene: (V.ii.1) At 7 o’clock in the morning Othello goes to his bedroom where Desdemona is sleeping to wake her. Othello: Sweetheart, it is time to wake up. (opens curtains) Desdemona: I do not want to get up i had a sleepless night. Othello: Did you already forget what today is? Desdemona: Ummm no… wait what day is it? Othello: Today is our anniversary. (says as he raised his voice) Desdemona: (realizes her mistake) Oh how could i forget the day I married the man I truly love. Othello: Based off of your actions it seems like you do not even care about me or my feelings. Desdemona: Oh be quiet, you already know my feelings towards you. Othello: Hush now and get ready, we have a breakfast to attend to with Cassio. Desdemona: Oh right, I recall telling Cassio we would have breakfast with him.…show more content…
(says sarcastically) Enter Cassio to accompany and Othello at the restaurant. Desdemona is in the restroom. The restaurant is located on the dock. Cassio: Thank you Othello for inviting me to have breakfast with you and your beautiful wife. Othello: It was not me who invited you, Desdemona made the request. (Cassio looks at Desdemona) Cassio: As a matter of fact, I came for Desdemona. Othello: What do you mean you only came for Desdemona? Cassio: I...I Othello: You what? Why are you trying to please my beloved? Cassio: Why wouldn’t I? She deserves the whole world and clearly the man she is with is not giving her that kind of treatment. Desdemona Enters Desdemona: What is going on here? Cassio: Nothing is my sweet lady...no wait I mean Desdemona! Othello: Why are you calling my wife your sweet lady? (stares at Desdemona and clenches his fist) Desdemona: I can explain! Othello: Explain what? Have you gone behind my back and done me dirty? Did our marriage mean anything to you? Desdemona: (stops acting innocent) Well I guess the cat's out of the
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