Communication Skills And Competencies

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General Assessments of my communication skills and competencies

When assessing my communication skills and competencies I consider my performance and persuasiveness as a communicator to be mediocre level. In the scale 1-10 (poor to great), I would rank myself at 6, because I clearly see some areas to develop in my communications. My strength as a communicator is that I am having a relatively good routine to communicate in different venues. I usually do not stress the presentations and communication events so that will make it possible to focus on delivering the message I want to do. Also, I see as my strength that I try to continually develop how I communicate and deliver presentations in a way that the indented message is delivered to the
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communicate in a way that would build or increase my personal brand) and I can sometimes be too passive in my communication activities. I am a very fact based communicator and I do not mind to communicate about the evidence/fact-based issues, but I do not want to mix my own personality in and I might make my communication style clinical and somewhat distant.

The second handicap that I am aware of is that I sometimes am not clear enough with my key messages and end up to be too theoretical with my communication which makes it hard to follow. Also, If I feel that the other side is not understanding the point of my communication I might end up to clarify my point by theory to show that I have a solid base of my message. This is something that I have received some feedback since people see me as too theoretical and consult minded (you are not talking our language).

The third weakness in my communications is that in general, I should me more active, especially outwards of my closest peers, to make a greater impact. I might sometimes think that the topic in my desk is not so important (related to the other issues in our organisation) that I would need a news article in our intranet or some other forms of communications, but that is the wrong way to
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I do not use English daily basis and I have noticed that I am not developing my capability to communicate in an efficient way. Personally, I feel that now this is the biggest gap in my communication (and to be an efficient and persuasive communicator in CXO –level in English speaking environments).

How do my peer’s assets my communication skills?

My peers see that in general I have all the needed aspects in communication present and they rank me above the average as a communicator (see the image 1.). When doing this assessment, I asked a few of my peer and colleagues (n=5) to give me feedback (either by name or anonymously with the web form). The questionnaire asked how they assess my work-related communications skills in 5 given domains and I also asked my reviewers to give me open feedback about my performance as a communicator.

Image 1: Miikka as a communicator by colleagues (n=5)

• In general, I have empathy present in my communication, but compared with other areas there seem to be some areas for improvement. The majority sees that I am above the average with empathy, but some also see that I could be better in that

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