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COMMUNICATION SKILLS ASSIGNMENT. 1. a) You work for a leading food production company as its public relations manager. Your company has just released a new product to the market. Unfortunately upon being used some clients have started to complain about its quality which has led to your company’s image being destroyed. Discuss any ten visual aids you may use during a campaign to restore your lost image. (10 marks) A visual aid is something used during a presentation or advertisement that helps to make or enhance a point. They can be charts, videos, pictures, recipe sheets, user generated content or images. Visual aids eventually help to clarify, support and amplify your points. VIDEOS Videos can be incredibly useful for presenting…show more content…
Discuss any five channels/forms of communication commonly used and clearly show their strengths and weaknesses. (15 marks) Channels of communication that are commonly used during a campaign include; NEWSPAPERS The newspaper has since its emergence been an important media and is still in extensive use as it is effective. Some of the advantages of the newspaper as a communication channel include; • It reaches most income groups and is therefore very effective i.e. from the manager to the security guard; everyone has a chance to read the newspaper. • It is also a relatively low cost medium as it is not as expensive as radio or television. • With the newspaper there is more ease of scheduling advertisements as one can choose particular days depending on when circulation is best. • Unlike most other mediums, with the newspaper, one always has a reference point as they can keep particular information. The disadvantages of using the newspaper to pass on information are; • As with most mediums of communication, there is waste circulation as it’s harder to target a particular audience. • There is also the chance of poor color reproduction sometimes which can be a bit of misinterpretation especially with branding.…show more content…
• The message can also be very personalized depending on the intended recipients i.e. depending on the gender; different information can be passed along to suit the audience. • There is also little competition with other advertisements as the message board will only contain information from the specific company. Disadvantages of this medium are; • It can be quite expensive especially if there is a large database of clients i.e. if pamphlets or letters are used and mailed to the audience. • There might also be problems in maintaining the mailing lists as there are always new clients or clients who cancel their subscriptions. MAGAZINES Magazines are also considered as useful channels because they can serve the media campaign purposes to a great extent due to their great circulation. The use of magazines as forms of communication is an advantage in that; • There is selectivity of audience i.e. by choosing the type of magazine to use as a medium, you are also able to capture your target audience e.g. female magazine would cater to your feminine audience; family magazine would cater to a general

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