Communication Skills Importance

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Communication skills are an important tool in the education of engineering graduates to cope up with the new era of global competition. The present Engineering curriculum is emphasized only on the development of technical knowledge and skills of students. However, in recent years, employers have strongly recognized that graduate engineers lack the required standard of communication skills, particularly when compared to the needs of industry worldwide. The present research article is trying to focus on the need to understand the importance of communication skills in competitive industrial world. It is time to recognize the need of enriching good communication skills with a professional degree. The Curriculum need to be structured with the issue and make suitable and appropriate changes. KEYWORDS: Communication skills, Engineers, Curriculum, education, technical knowledge INTRODUCTION To be successful in any sphere, it is essential to know and understand how to communicate effectively. Particularly in the professional world, it is communication and its related skills decides person’s career curve. The better one’s communication skills, the higher are the chances to touch the zeal of success. Communication in English is making a miracle in these days. It has the power to make the whole world rotate around it. The whole world has understood the importance of communication. With the help of developing technology, English has become a global language, the lingua franca of the
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